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Website is down

Just letting you all know, for any who check it, that the twistedhilarity website is currently down. I'm working on getting it back up. So I have not fallen even further off the internet than I have been, just crazy stuff with the site.

Hope things are going as well as they can for everyone during this difficult time.  You all take care out there!


Husbands for Peace up on Amazon.com now!

Hey everyone!
Hope you all had a good holiday season, or at the very least, were able to stay up until midnight on December 31st and watch 2016 die, like we have all been waiting for, holy cow.  My 2016 was about as full of sunshine and roses as the rest of the world's and I'll just leave it at that, argh.

I am hoping that I will be writing again very, very soon.  But until then, I thought I'd share the latest development!

My story Husbands for Peace, published by Rin as a serial over at Yaoifix.com for the last few years, finally came to an end last year. Originally, I was going to wait until the rights reverted to me, put it up on the site for free for a little while, and then see about possibly self-publishing. However, with a need for money growing, and Rin offering to play publisher, this story is instead going straight to ebook!

As this is as long as most of my fiction, this sucker has been broken up into three parts.  The first can be purchased right now, here. The second is available for pre-order, and the third should be available late summer or early fall.

For those unfamiliar with the story, the original summary was 'A pink-haired human with a chip on his shoulder plus a green-haired Jeneran who thinks the human is adorable - this marriage made to help cement the peace is going to be anything but peaceful.'  The story grew to basically include multiple couples with many pushy aliens, a couple grumpy earthlings, spanking, and a lot, like seriously a lot, of pretty dubiously-consensual sex. Some of this more dubious than I've had in previous stories, honestly. Not sure why this type of sex is so much fun for me when it's in a fantasy setting, as I'd punch someone in the nuts who tried it in real life, but eh, I can cop to my own kinks and guilty pleasures.

Just warning ya'll that it's there, for anyone who doesn't like that sort of fantasy.

Take care, and here's wishing you all a great freaking year!




I was reminded today that I have not written anything here in nearly a year now, so just a quick update.

Re: writing. There's still an overwhelming amount of stuff going on in life right now, so writing is still on hiatus, but there is still a piece in the works for yaoifix. If anything changes there, I'll let ya'll know.

Health is still hanging on, not great, but not declining, so woo hoo for that!

Re: my twisted son. My kid is insane, but in a good way. He is now on a competetive rock climbing team (Yeah, I'm gonna share, because he just made it on yesterday, so congrats to him!) and he's on a wall climbing for about 2-4 hours a day, every day. He's got a little six pack going, but... he is still the tiniest little thing. He's 14 but still less than 5 feet tall, with a little snub nose and a baby face. If he's walking alone, strangers still sometimes stop him on the street and ask if he needs help or if his mom knows where he is. You can imagine how thrilled he is about this.

'Mom, everyone always wants to look older in their twenties, and they only want to look younger when they hit their thirties. It's going to be a loooong time before this,' he points to his baby face, ' is going to do me any good.'


Re: my twisted daughter.  We finally got a psych eval, and while there are mental health troubles, we found out something that not a single doctor ever considered: my daughter is autistic. She is extremely happy about this. Because suddenly, she has a way to express how she feels, as well as a group of people out there who understand how she feels, and who can commiserate with her on the weirdness of the rest of the world.

Like how people will try to hurt someone's feelings on purpose, which makes no sense to her. Or how people will get upset when you tell them the truth. Like, say, telling someone that their mother is a slut shamer or a bigot, for example. 'But she IS, mom!'

When kids are 5, people laugh over this type of thing. When they're teens? Not so much. Awkward truths are usually assumed to be a deliberate attempt to be obnoxious, not a situation where that teen literally does not get why everyone is upset. But she learns pretty freaking fast that she keeps saying things that get people mad at her. She just doesn't understand why.

I need a Watson for my litlte Sherlock.

So let me advocate for a moment, like I always do, with information I have now learned. Because I'd like the world to be a better place for my daughter to be in.

First, Autism Speaks is one of the first charities that comes up when you google autism. It also turns out it is one of the most hated charities for autism within the autism community. It puts a lot of value on finding cures for autism and help for the 'emotional pain' of parents or grandparents.  It does, well, about jack all for people who actually ARE autistic. Almost no money goes for helping autistic folks, actually.

And the big kicker - there is not a single autistic person on the board. At all. They are not consulted, talked to, nothing. It's kind of like having a charity to support a disease where no one there has it or talks to the people who do, but thinks that they are all doing a great job of helping and supporting these same people. And while yeah, there are some autistic folks who cannot communicate effectively and might not be able to express their wants and needs, there are a HECK of a lot of autistic folks who absolutely can. Heck, Dan Aykroyd is autistic - no one can tell me that he can't communicate perfectly fine for himself.

Seriously, if you ever decide to donate to an autistism charity, I'd please consider looking at a different one.

Second, the concept of 'high functioning autism.' A lot of people (and I'll admit I WAS one of them) assume that autism is like a scale, with low functioning on one end, and high functioning on the other. So, the same traits for all, but less intense/severe on the high functioning end. This, it turns out, is totally, totally wrong.  The autism spectrum is more like a big color wheel of traits. Some of them are more intense and near the center of the circle, and some are less intense and near the outer edge. And typically, 'high functioning' really only looks at 'can you talk well' and 'can you pass for not austic well' (so you can do a lot of self care, as an example). Heck, one of the big differences is that HF autistic kids tend to talk earlier as toddlers, while LF ones tend to talk later.

I mention this because a lot of folks (and again, I was one of them) assume that high functioning means this person is pretty good on their own, their minds just work a litlte differently than mine does. But they don't need help, or assistance, or accommodations, etc...  As someone who has a kiddo who is now diagnosed with high-functioning autism, I can say from experience it SO doesn't work like that.

And...end of the advocacy

I'll just leave you with my newest pretty boy obsession: Lucifer.  This is mostly hetero clips, I'll admit, but he is just such a cutie in them I had to put them in. :-)

Status - hiatus, patreon, and writing

Baring my soul time, guys.

I've talked about my little twisted son a fair amount - he's a really energetic, witty little kid who is fun to be around and makes me smile every damn day.

You may have noticed I don't talk a lot about my daughter, though, except to mention a few times recently that she has some health problems. I love her just as much. Probably spend more time during the day with her than with my son, honestly.

However, the hard truth is that some of her health problems are mental health problems. And while many times during the day I can manage to laugh in those 'laugh or cry' moments, writing about it? Not so much in the last few years. Trying to sit down to write about my daughter without becoming exceedingly depressed or, worse, crying like a wailing banshee, is not something I manage, usually.  In a few years, I'm sure I'll be able to look back and laugh at some of this, like the time she was 'sure' someone was breaking in and I came home from the grocery store to find her holed up in the bedroom with her little brother, a baseball bat, and a barricaded door.

I can laugh at that now, finally. Honestly, looking back, it was a very Calvin and Hobbes moment. Especially with the twisted son's cautionary, and slightly sarcastic, commentary in the background as a great Hobbes substitute.

I'm finally talking about all of this because with everything that's been going on, it's just become a bit too much. With psych and medical testing, special diets, medications and supplements, and the frequent need for long term supervision of my daughter, I've got almost no time to write, and the time I do have free, I tend to have to spend on something that helps pay for everything else.

Or to put it bluntly, I'm pretty swamped up to my eyeballs.

So realistically, the free stories and fanfiction are essentially on hiatus, with anything coming out as a happy miracle, although I am looking at setting up a patreon account, so then perhaps I can combine my writing and, you know, monetary concerns at the same time. I'll update if that comes to fruition. A paid story for yaoifix is still in the works, at least.

I love writing so much, and I know some of you have been waiting long enough to, you know, have a child and see them into kindergarten now. Even if I never make a dime off my stories, I'm going to keep writing and trying to finish these. It's just so insane over in the Twisted house right now that I feel like, once again, any promises other than hiatus are pretty useless.

So sorry, ya'll.  I hope you had a rocking summer.

And in case the world ends before I get to post again...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UC_gXD5OE88

Just a brief FYI

I'm still writing along, slow as usual, but still writing.

My health - still doing okay, not causing any writing issues, thankfully.

My son - hysterical as usual.

Daughter's health - not so great. Not deadly or dangerous, but requiring constant maintentance and long nights and lots of doctor visits, right now. This is actually causing some writing issues. My writing these days tends to come in small spurts when I can fit it in a few minutes before she wakes up. Which works okay for fanfiction sometimes, so I at least write SOMETHING, but doesn't work so well for TLPH when I need to have my head in the right space, and I need more than a few minutes to get there.

I'm hoping to have a little time this week, as her dad watches her, but not sure if that's going to pan out.

Just wanted to let you all know that I'm, you know, not dead and still plugging away.  I hope you all are having a lovely spring and enjoying the flowers and love in the air and all things bright and wonderful. Rainbows. Kittens. Pretty boys. Like the ones in this trailer for a movie coming out in a few months that I hadn't even heard of, honestly.

Thankfully, I have more aware friends who like to send me pictures of pretty boys, becuase they're sweet like that.


Update status

For those who are waiting - story progress is still coming along, with no major health issues coming along, so yea for that! I've had to pause writing for a little bit while I flesh out some world building, though, for TLPH. A few plot points that have just been a real bitch, and I finally realized that part of the problem is some aspects of the TLPH world that I hadn't worked out as well as I needed to (dang it! >_<), so it's excel spreadsheets and post-it notes while I work it out.

Excel and I are total bros, now. We're having sleep overs and braiding each other's digital hair and everything.

I'm continuing to write on other things at the same time, an experiment to get rid of some things in my head, that won't drift too far from barbarian cats so I don't lose the right head space. ^_^  

I hope everyone else is having a lovely spring - it's already quite warm here! - and enjoying whatever your current obsession is!

Mine is swords, which I have always loved but never owned, and since I can't get out much, I freaking bought myself a wood training sword and that's gonna be my current rexercise routine, because I'm a giant geeky nerd. And what I have learned is that if I were ever in a zompocalypse, I would be killed by zombies in a nanosecond before I even got close to them with my pathetic sword skillz. At least it's good for a laugh (my children can confirm this. While laughing.)
The next TLPH chapter is not done yet, but it's coming along all right, so far, phew!

And I simply had to share the most recent episode of the Twisted Son Chronicles.

My son has a best friend, let's call him Happy (seriously, he's such a happy kid), who he loves to do everything with. Happy and Twisted Son play Minecraft together on some group server, and since it takes a while to build up the houses and farms and such, they decided to share the same house.

When their friends wondered how they would split up the house and the belongings, they decided to get 'Minecraft Married' so then they would just jointly own everything. So they did this. They had their friends' characters all gather around and made their little Minecraft characters go through a wedding ceremony and everything. It is the freaking cutest damn thing ever.

And to make it evern better, the other day, they are playing with their friends and one of the other kids insulted Happy.

Twisted Son comes pushing in between them and says, 'You can't say that to my husband!'

Kid: That marriage ceremony isn't legal!

Twisted Son: It doesn't matter if it's legal. It matters what's in your heart!


...what makes this so much better is that the kid's objection is simply to the legality of their marriage, not to the fact that they're both male. Score one for the next generation escaping the bigotry around them, woot!

TLPH Update

And after, you know, forever and a day, I've got an update. TLPH, chapter 40...because I decided that when the damn thing has grown to be around 22 pages long, it's no longer half a chapter anymore.  I'm still not happy with this, and there is NO way it could ever make the wait worthwhile - I don't know that even Shakespeare coule make this kind of wait worthwhile - but it's done. Yeaaa.

The Last Pure Human, Chapter 40

I would addon some fun Twisted son moments, but the poor little guy has been sick with a fever for the last few days so he is not a happy camper at all. I think the kid is trying to see if he can live off a popsicles, I swear.

But instead, I will put a link to a youtube video that I've been enjoying recently, mostly because I've become bizarrely obsessed with the Hobbit. And men with beards - that's likely gonna show up in writing sometime in the future. You can blame the hobbit and the Game of Thrones for that one.



For fun

Writing is coming along, slowly but surely (yeaa) but while you are waiting, for some fun...

...if you like Monty Python, musicals, and just general silliness, you might want to check out this little show, if you haven't seen it already. Becaue it's ridiculous, utterly, but fun, and the main hero is SUCH a pretty boy, besides.

It's on hulu right now, I believe.



Hope everyone has been having a really lovely year so far! And now a brief update on how things stand.

I made myself a goal to reach before I would feel like I could start trying to write again, and I finally, FINALLY hit it. :-)  50,000 words in 30 days (yeah, using NaNoWriMo as my guide, here).  Which I just completed a few days back, so as of now, I am officially writing again.

My health will still have a lot of ups and downs, because that looks like that's just going to be the way it is, but I'm finding ways to deal with it. There will be a new story up at yaoifix in a little while, and TLPH will be updating on the site as soon as I finish it up. Then the other stories will follow, including finishing up some OLD fanfictions.

For right now, that's where things stand. I hope that there will be even more to talk about in the future, but I'm playing it by ear as I see how things go.

Take care, and hope everyone has a great holiday season!

Oh, and for tradition's sake - Twisted son moment.

Came home to find him tormenting (we thought) his older sister, having stolen her phone which she seems to feel is as necessary as oxygen. When the parental figure is about to take the little guy to task, however, this is what is heard.
My son (to his sister): "You've been eating terribly today!  You can't have your phone back until you've eaten some good food!"

...yeah, my son steals things from his BIG sister to make her take care of herself. He's so adorable, seriously.

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